Rafa Benitez

Newcastle United respond to links between Rafa Benitez and West Ham

New deal

Newcastle United are preparing to offer Rafa Benitez a new deal in order to keep West Ham United away from their manager.

The London club have toiled this season and are considering the possibility of sacking manager Slaven Bilic, and would like to replace him with the Magpies boss, who has well known issues with Newcastle owner, Mike Ashley.

Issues over transfer funds and a lack of players has loomed large over the season, and despite Newcastle now having a healthy amount of points on the board, the fans are wary that it will not last, and Benitez will walk because of Ashley – and now there’s a very real possibility he would walk into another Premier League job.

The Times claim that given Benitez’s deal expires at the end of next season, Newcastle want a long term contract to tie him down – and also to improve his relationship with Ashley.

Mike Ashley

Back in August, he spoke with Sky, and said: “I know more or less what he has said. Believe me, it doesn’t change anything in terms of my approach to the games or the training sessions or preparations. I know what I have to do: to concentrate on the training sessions and my players. I did not watch it.

“I know what he said. I know what the fans think about the interview and I know that if I keep talking about it, I will not change anything.

“I want to concentrate on the thing that depend on me: preparing the team, picking the team and approaching the game with the right mentality.”

Now of course, his relationship with Ashley is thought to be rock bottom, with the two even using a middle man to communicate.

However, that being said, Ashley is a business man and knows Newcastle will not do better than Benitez, and for his part, Benitez loves the club and fans, and the area and ideally wants to carry on.