FIFA president Gianni Infantino

New revelations about 48-team World Cup: No draws & FIFA’s $1billion bonus

FIFA set to announce 48-team World Cup

It has been mooted for a few weeks now and on Tuesday FIFA are set to officially announce that the 2026 World Cup will include 48 teams.

Today, FIFA’s own awards for 2016 will be presented with Cristiano Ronaldo set to be the first winner of “The Best”.

In addition, the Puskas Award and FIFA Team of the Year will also be announced.

Like turkey’s voting to abolish Christmas…

The 48-team World Cup has been supported in recent days by Diego Maradona and Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho.

It is almost certain that most FIFA members will vote to increase the number of teams in the World Cup.

After all, it will allow many of them to participate in football’s golden egg.

No more World Cup draws

Ahead of the FIFA Congress this week, football’s governing body have released some information on what this 48-team World Cup will mean.

Perhaps most importantly is that FIFA will earn $1 billion extra in income from a 48-team World Cup, as opposed to the next version of the tournament in 2018 that will feature 32 teams.

More teams does cause more problems though in some regards – although the 48 team World Cup is simply whittled down to 32 after the group stages anyway.

FIFA’s report on a 48-team World Cup suggests that the 16 groups of three would need a clear result in each game.

As a result, every game would be decided by a penalty shoot-out so that there are no draws…