Nemanja Vidic had to stop Rio Ferdinand crying after UCL game

Fearsome duo

One of the most fearsome double acts in football history, Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic were the bedrock for Manchester United success between 2007 and 2013. The centre-halves formed a formidable partnership.

While Ferdinand was the ball-playing defender, Vidic was the steel enforcer beside him. The Serbian’s ice-cold streak came into play for the biggest achievement of their careers. Let me set the scene for you: Moscow, Russia. The Champions League final with a twist. The first time two English sides meet in club football’s biggest game.

Chelsea and United are the two teams. United have just beaten the Blues to the Premier League title and things are tense between the pair in an epic Champions League final. It features goals, red cards, a downpour and a slippy penalty shoot-out. Didier Drogba gets sent off for slapping Vidic at the height of their personal battle.

Collecting the trophy

United go on to win the shoot-out and Ferdinand is set to lift the trophy when emotion overwhelms him.

“He [Sir Bobby] came down and started speaking to me about the history of the club, and what it meant to be the captain to go up the steps and pick up the trophy,” he told BT Sport. “He said a few nice, kind words and then I saw my family on the other side and it just hit me – my lip started going and I started to well up a little bit.

“I remember Vida just stood there and said, ‘Rio, not here’…

“And I went, ‘Sorry Vida, yeah’ and we went up (to collect the trophy).”

Glory days returning

Many United fans believe that the club is on the cusp of returning to those glory days. They won their first European trophy since with a Europa League win last term and currently sit joint-top of the Premier League.

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