Mother of James Rodriguez shares sick death threats sent to Real Madrid star

Real Madrid star James Rodriguez
Real Madrid star James Rodriguez

James Rodriguez mother takes to Twitter

Pilar Rubio, the mother of James Rodriguez, took to Twitter yesterday to share some sickening death threats that had been sent to her 25-year-old son.

The pathetic troll who goes by the name of @FrekeMan has sent some truly horrifying tweets to the Real Madrid midfielder, warning him of his impending death.

The mother of James Rodriguez screenshotted some of @FrekeMan’s tweets and tweeted “What happens to people? Crazy! Writing me directly saying it is better to see him dead.”

Horrified mother of James Rodriguez
Horrified mother of James Rodriguez

The awful tweets

Using a new Twitter account, he repeatedly tweeted a photo featuring a pistol, bullets and two rifles with a handwritten message ‘James Rodriguez – Legion Holk is watching you.

In one tweet (below), the troll tagged James Rodriguez and wrote “I am travelling to your house armed, say goodbye to everything you love.”

He also tweeted (below) “I see tomorrow all these people crying because I killed a mediocre player”.

@FrekeMan obviously has some pretty serious issues.