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A mock Premier League fantasy draft for 2017/2018

Who will you sign first in the draft?

With the advent of draft fantasy in the official Fantasy Premier League game this season and with established sites like Draft Fantasy running for many years now, it is time to prepare for a 2017/2018 draft.

For the sake of all of my fellow Draft Fantasy users, I went ahead and created a standard 12 team league with 11 of my mates.

Standard league settings consists of 2 Goalies, 5 Midfielders, 5 Defenders and 3 Forwards. The purpose of this was to essentially show how a 12 team draft would turn out to give users a Mock Draft perspective.

For those who are new to “Draft Style” fantasy, a Mock draft is a term used by sports websites and magazines in reference to a simulation of a sports league draft or fantasy sports league’s draft.

I break down the first 5 rounds for you.

Round 1

1:1- Sanchez M
1:2- Hazard M
1:3- Dele Alli M
1:4- Kane F
1:5- Eriksen M
1:6- Lukaku F
1:7- De Bruyne M
1:8- Sigurdsson M
1:9- King F
1:10- Costa F
1:11- Alonso D
1:12- Cahill D

Sanchez was the first player taken. A risky move, but if in the Premier League, last years top scorer is an absolute must have.

A few things to note, Diego Costa dropped towards the bottom of the first round because there is still speculation about where he will be next year.

Defenders were not taken until the final two picks of the first round (Cahill and Alonso).

Round 2

2:1- Aguero F
2:2- Firmino F
2:3- Coutinho M
2:4- Ozil M
2:5- Azpilicueta D
2:6- Pedro M
2:7- Mane M
2:8- Defoe F
2:9- Son Heung-Min M
2:10- Sterling M
2:11- Zaha M
2:12- Walker D

We see Aguero got first in the second round here (13th overall). With Kyle Walker’s potential increased workload for Man City, we see him squeeze into the 2nd round. So far, no goalies.

Round 3

3:1- Wijnaldum M
3:2- Vardy F
3:3- Barkley M
3:4- Antonio M
3:5- Llorente F
3:6- Lallana M
3:7- Benteke F
3:8- Luiz D
3:9- Alderweireld D
3:10- Milner D
3:11- Silva M
3:12- Daniels D

A pretty standard 3rd round. One could argue taking Silva before any of the defenders taken in the later part of the round, but who am I to question my mates.

A question mark in here is Barkley. With his nagging injury, will he be back on the field for the first game, and what will the injury do to the longevity of his season? This is definitely something to keep an eye on.

Round 4

4:1- Williams D
4:2- Baines D
4:3- Coleman D
4:4- Snodgrass M
4:5- Capoue M
4:6- Clyne D
4:7- Vertonghen D
4:8- McAuley D
4:9- Bertrand D
4:10- Walcott M
4:11- Mirallas M
4:12- Redmond M

Round 4 was filled with defenders. With a solid group of Midfielders and Forwards being taken in the first 3 rounds, it makes sense that we saw this defensive explosion. 7 of the 15 picks in this round were Defenders. The rest Midfielders.

Round 5

5:1- Lanzini M
5:2- Valencia D
5:3- Mahrez M
5:4- Deeney F
5:5- Allen M
5:6- Vokes F
5:7- Arnautovic M
5:8- Fabregas M
5:9- Pogba M
5:10- Rondon F
5:11- Matic M
5:12- Monreal D

In a complete 180 from round 4, only two defenders were taken in round 5. It seems that teams are prioritising Midfielders and Forwards in the earlier rounds.

Is that a strategy you’ll look to use in your drafts??

Well there you have it, the first 5 rounds of my league’s draft. Obviously in some leagues, Hazard, Dele Alli or even Kane may be taken first, but I hope this helps give all of the readers and users an idea of what an average draft is going to look like.

It’s interesting to note that a keeper was not taken in the first 5 rounds. Some players take big risks by drafting Courtois, De Gea or Lloris early on, but no one in my draft fell into the keepers clutch.

Good luck this season!

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