Miguel Azeez: Profile, Expert Analysis, Tactical Overview & Video

Miguel Azeez: Profile

Name: Miguel Azeez

Date of birth: Sep 20, 2002

Nationality: England

Position: Central midfield

Height: 1.80m

Miguel Azeez: Introduction

Miguel Azeez is an exciting English talent developing as a competent central midfielder. A player with many assets which allow him to dominate the park, make progressive runs, fantastic central passes and an awareness of space which he uses to his advantage and to the detriment of his opponents.

Picked up by Arsenal's famous youth academy, Azeez has gradually refined his game and will likely continue to develop into a top-class player the more the minutes fall upon him.

Miguel Azeez: Background

Miguel Azeez joined the Arsenal academy at the age of 5, making his way through the age groups and England's youth setup.

‘’I was playing for my local club in Harrow at the time and one day I stayed behind after training and there was a scout called Paul Whitehead who approached me and my dad and asked if I could come to an Arsenal training session at Hale End for a week-long trial,” said Azeez.

''I played one game in my full Brazil kit because I was so excited, and after that game, they asked if they could sign me. To this day it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I was trying not to cry, but I was just so excited to tell all my friends at school the next day!"

At the age of 17, Azeez signed his first professional contract with the club. A 3-year deal with an extra two years as an option.

"One of my idols is Sergio Busquets. I think he has been the best holding midfielder for a very long time. He always seems to have space around him, always plays with his head up, one step ahead. For me, I like to put some of his game into mine."

Expert insight on Miguel Azeez

"Azeez is a cultured and tenacious midfielder with exceptional technical ability for his age, this includes a stunning range of passing and confidence in carrying the ball. These attributes enable him to effectively influence the game from deep, setting the tempo and carefully choosing which moments to venture forward with the ball.

There is a clear chemistry with his fellow midfielders, which is resulting in some fluid transitions. This type of profile is one typical of what Arsenal tend to develop; good technical players who are eternally attached to the ball.

What sets the England Youth International apart is his agility and determination. With great resilience he displays a strong engine, covering plenty of grass, always endeavouring to recover the ball and enter duels with conviction.

Of course, Miguel will be looking to use all his time on the pitch to improve his knowledge and understanding of the defensive side of the game, notably his positioning and awareness. He’ll further develop his physicality naturally and through his dedication in the gym. It’s clear the midfielder is earmarked for a first team role and this train is moving fast."

Tactical Overview of Miguel Azeez

Miguel Azeez presents his club an opportunity to gain a quality, versatile and multifaceted midfielder with a range of attributes. It is clear that his awareness and use of space for both running into and passing allows his side to progress the ball well in addition to adding threat.

Similar to how Thomas Partey can often be seen driving the ball through the centre of the park, Azeez seems confident and comfortable on the ball with the knowledge of where to play it at the end of the dribble.

Receiving the ball, Azeez has ensured to be in a position with little pressure and plenty of space to accelerate into.
Having progressed the ball into the opposition's half, Azeez spots the run of his forward teammate.
The ball is perfectly weighted and finds Taylor-Hart through for a one-vs-one situation.

Azeez can also progress into the opposition's half without the ball. Making space in dangerous positions and opening up passing lanes, drawing in other opposition players to then playing around them to create chances.

Azeez makes the run into the corner where the full-back can use the space beyond.
Now in the wide area. Azeez moves the ball onto his stronger right foot and cuts back to aim a cross into the vacated space.

Something that is taught throughout Arsenal's youth teams which correlates to the senior side is how the deep midfielders must become a link for the goalkeeper and defence. Midfielders, such as those playing in Azeez's position will drop into the back line, receive the ball and advance it forward centrally. Something which Per Mertersacker and Mikel Arteta would often do.

Azeez drops in, collects the ball from the goalkeeper, turns and progresses the ball forwards.
A central pass finds Cottrell who can turn and spin on the ball.
Cottrell plays an incisive pass through to Balogun who scores. Keeper to Azeez to Cottrell to Balogun and goal. 3 well played passes and an entire outfield team has been bypassed.

Azeez also has the potential to unleash a fearsome long-range strike. These, whilst infrequent, can be an effective surprise with significant power and accuracy.

Picking up the ball on the edge of the box, Azeez unleashes a curling effort away from the keeper and into the bottom corner.
For England, Azeez struck an unbelievable strike from 35-40 yards out.
Sailing past the keeper in the very late minutes of the match to equalise for England. Having this in Azeez's locker adds a considerable secret weapon to the team he is fielded in.

A young midfielder with strong passing, great awareness of space, a long-range strike to worry any keeper and a knowledge and read of the game of a player well beyond his years. Miguel Azeez is gradually gaining momentum and following his progression will excite many fans lucky enough to see it.

Miguel Azeez: Official video

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