Luis Figo & his daughter Daniela

Mexican paper Record forced to apologise to Luis Figo & his daughter Daniela

An unfortunate headline

Mexican paper Record have been forced to issue a public apology this week for a headline which caused offence.

A few weeks ago, Portuguese star Luis Figo celebrated his daughter’s 18th birthday on social media.

Daniela Figo posed alongside her dad on her special day.

But when Record flagged up the event, they couched their story in a distasteful manner. They referred to Daniela Figo as turning legal – a comment which many called out for being incredibly sexist.

Happy 18 my love!! Very proud of you in all these years wish you always the best!!

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Cue the apology

After plenty of backlash against their article, Carlos Ponce de León, a director at Record, has since used social media to issue an apology.

He confirmed that the offending story has since been changed on their website – but as you can see below screenshots still exist of the original sin.

Carlos Ponce de León wrote on social media: “I offer a sincere apology to offended people.”

Record on Luis Figo & his daughter Daniela