Mesut Ozil’s back injury linked to playing too much ‘Fortnite’

Mesut Ozil & Arsenal

Mesut Ozil has missed five matches in a row for Arsenal.

While Ozil was benched in the recent away win at Bournemouth for tactical reasons, the German is now sidelined with a back injury.

When will Ozil return to the Arsenal XI?

That’s unclear, especially as the Gunners have now extended their unbeaten run to 21 games.

Even if Ozil is fit, many are now thinking there’s no room for him in Unai Emery’s setup.

Does Mesut Ozil play ‘Fortnite’ too much?

Ozil is now facing accusations that he’s to blame for his current back spasms.

Why? Because according to a University Professor for Prevention and Rehabilitation in Sport, Ozil plays the hit game ‘Fortnite’ too much on his computer.

German publication Bild consulted an unnamed medical expert, who believes Ozil spends too long playing the game. Bild published the following quotes from the sports science expert:

Yes, that can be the cause of Ozil’s back problems.

A competitive athlete feels the consequences of hours of inactivity much faster than a non-athlete.

This is because Ozil’s physical structures are highly tuned due to his intense training.

A non-athlete, however, does not notice that.

How much ‘Fortnite’ has Mesut Ozil played?

According to the gaming website Wasted on Fortnite, Ozil has taken part in 5,221 ‘Fortnite’ matches.

Working on the basis that each games lasts on average for 20 minutes, Ozil is thought to have invested around 1,740 hours on the game.

That’s equivalent to playing ‘Fortnite’ for 72 days.

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