Mesut Özil wants Jack Wilshere’s Arsenal shirt number

Wilshere and Ozil
Wilshere and Ozil

Ozil wants Arsenal number 10

The symbolism of shirt numbers in football is well documented.

Every striker worth his salt wants to be number 9; the same goes for defensive midfielders and the number 6.

But the number 10 shirt is without doubt the one with the most aura and history; the likes of Pele, Zinedine Zidane, Maradona, and Rivaldo all wore the number 10 shirt.

And being the silky, languid playmaker that he is, Mesut Ozil has designs on wearing the Arsenal number 10 shirt, now that it’s been vacated by Jack Wilshere’s departure to Bournemouth.

Ozil previously wore the number 10 shirt at Real Madrid, but he’s currently got the number 11 shirt at Arsenal, which is a little unusual for a player in his position.

Speaking at the Germany camp, Mesut Özil told German media Sport 1:

‘Of course I have previously given those in charge a signal. The number is right for me and my position as a playmaker.’

But Wilshere is only on loan…

There’s just one problem wit Ozil’s request: Wilshere is only on loan at Bournemouth, and is set to return to the Emirates at the end of this season (all going well).

But to be fair to Ozil, he is a much more fitting owner of the number 10 shirt than Wilshere.

And you can hardly hold onto the number 10 shirt if you’re no longer a guaranteed starter….