Mesut Ozil

Mesut Ozil even trolled by Stoke police after terrible game for Arsenal

Terrible game

Mesut Ozil was royally trolled after his performance during Arsenal’s loss to Stoke – and it seemed that just about everyone was getting in on the act.

Fans were out in force on Twitter, and even the pundits like Steven Gerrard felt like Ozil needed to give far more to the club and in games – and while Arsene Wenger predictably came out and defended the player, it seemed that he was in the minority.

In fact, even Stoke police force got in on the act – but more of that later.

Gerrard agreed

Former Liverpool  player Steven Gerrard had some harsh words for Ozil – and looking at his performance, it’s hard to disagree with him.

Gerrard was speaking as a pundit on BT Sport and said: “He’s left me frustrated – we’ve seen him on his day when he fancies doing both sides of the game he is a world-class talent.

“I just worry about his reaction and body language – when the ball is turned over he offers his team-mates zero. Away from home he’s a liability – he just doesn’t do enough.

“It’s clear to see that out of possession he doesn’t want to know – he only wants to be on the ball, trying to create and making things happen.

“But world class players do both – when they lose possession they put a shift in for their team-mates and it was clear that didn’t happen.


The troll

We’ve seen accounts belonging to companies and police forces troll people in terms of the football before – GMP are experts at it, and now Stoke’s account got in on the act, and it was hilarious.

Quite if Wenger, Ozil, or indeed the poor person who was robbed and looking for help (unless of course he was talking about the Arsenal game and possible wrong offside call) agreed remains to be seen.