Mesut Ozil’s dad tells him to quit playing for Germany

Mesut Ozil

Mesut Ozil vs Germany

One has to wonder whether this interview was a good idea for Mesut Ozil.

On Sunday, Bild have sat down with Ozil’s dad, Mustafa, to discuss what happened to the Arsenal playmaker this summer at the World Cup.

Following Germany’s terrible performances at the World Cup, Ozil is now on vacation.

Ozil received plenty of hate, espicially on social media, as Germany underperformed.

However the spark for Ozil’s miserable summer began when he and Ilkay Gundogan met Turkish President Recept Tayyip Erdogan before the World Cup.

After that, some high profile German pundits called for Ozil to be dropped from the team. The German fans also booed the players in warm up games.

Mesut Ozil’s dad urges him to quit

Mustafa Ozil has today stirred up a fresh round of Ozil chat by encouraging his son to quit international football.

If I were in his place, I would say: ‘Thank you, but that’s enough.’

He’s bent, disappointed and offended, yes, offended, his own fans booed him before the World Cup at the international in Austria and he cannot understand why.

He doesn’t always have to defend himself. He’s played in the national team for nine years … and became a world champion.

It’s always said that if we win, we win together, but if we lose, we lose because of Ozil.

He’s booed and put up as a scapegoat – I completely understand that he is offended.

Mesut’s been an example for years. The situation is absurd – he loves Germany and has shown commitment to his country, that he’s presented as a scapegoat is so unfair.

Mesut is a reserved person, almost shy, how could he have turned down a photo if a man like Erdogan asks him?

Mesut is an athlete who wants to play football and has nothing to do with politics, which is why he did not think anything about the picture.

The concern for Arsenal fans will be that Ozil won’t be ready for the start of the Premier League season.

And having signed his lucrative new contract, many Arsenal fans will be quick to jump on Ozil if they sense he’s slacking off.

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