Mesut Ozil told ‘apologise or else’ by the German FA

Mesut Ozil vs Germany

The friction between Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil and the German national team is refusing to go away.

Ozil received plenty of hate, especially on social media, as Germany underperformed at the World Cup.

However the spark for Ozil’s miserable summer began when he and Ilkay Gundogan met Turkish President Recept Tayyip Erdogan before the World Cup.

After that, some high profile German pundits called for Ozil to be dropped from the team. The German fans also booed the players in warm up games.

On Sunday Ozil has come under fire once again for his Erdogan meeting. This time the criticism has come from DFB president Reinhard Grindel.

‘Mesut Ozil should speak out publicly’

The president of the German FA has told Kicker that Mesut Ozil needs to talk.

Ozil, unlikely Man City’s Gundogan, has not spoken about his meeting with Erdogan.

Grindel has now turned up the heat on the Arsenal star to speak, telling Kicker:

It’s true that Mesut has not commented yet. This has disappointed many fans because they have questions and expect an answer. They rightly expect this answer. 

That’s why it’s clear to me that Mesut, when he returns from vacation, should publicly speak out in his own interest.

Have faith and thank God for all the blessings 🙏🏼 #M1Ö

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Arsenal’s Ozil threatened?

Grindel never told Kicker that if Ozil doesn’t apologise for meeting Erdogan he’d be kicked off the team.

However, Grindel seemed to make that point overtly clear through several loaded statements.

On several occasions Grindel dropped ‘apologise or else’ hints to Ozil.

The DFB President noted that it’s up to Jogi Low to decide who represents Germany.

And when Kicker directly asked “is there a future for Gundogan and Özil in the national team and, if so, under what conditions?”, Grindel has this very wishy-washy reply:

First of all, it comes down to, as I said, to the crucial analysis of the national coach. 

In fact, I hope that Ozil’s opinion is so clear that the questions of the fans and the association are answered.

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