Memphis Depay opens up about his Real Madrid dream

Memphis Depay

Memphis reveals his dream

Memphis Depay has made himself a target for mockery by revealing his big dream. The former Manchester United flop has admitted that he one day believes that he’ll play for Real Madrid. He spoke to The PSV Supporter.

“I think I’m going to Real Madrid. Yes, that’s a serious goal,” Memphis confessed.

“When it’s so far, that’s only God, He helps me and brings me there.”

Memphis hasn’t exactly lit Ligue 1 on fire since moving to Lyon last January but he has had his moments. Scoring from his own half in the final months of last season was quite a thrill. That was one of eight goals in 27 matches.

He’s also delivered 11 assists but has yet to cement his status as a star at Lyon. Reflecting upon his start to life there and his time at PSV – the club where he made his name – Memphis said: “I’ve had very nice things at PSV, but I wanted to reach higher goals in my career. At Lyon, I’m very pleased. The club is in a way comparable to PSV.

“The family heat for example. At PSV you have of course the Kemenade family and Lyon too, people are very involved.”

How plausible is a move to Madrid?

Memphis gets such a hard time because he’s clearly very talented. On his day, he’s unplayable. Unfortunately for him, those days are few and far between since leaving PSV. The United spell gave his confidence a battering.

At the tender age of 23, he has plenty of time to recover that confidence and reach his goals. Real Madrid only buys the very best established players so a move there would signal a total career recovery for the winger.

When Depay adds consistency to his game, he’ll attract the attention that he desires.