Marcus Rojo slated for yet another two-footed tackle v Crystal Palace [Tweets]

Marcos Rojo's horrendous tackle v Crystal Palace.
Marcos Rojo’s horrendous tackle v Crystal Palace.

Rojo’s two-footed tackles

After making an horrendous challenge against Everton’s Idrissa Gueye and getting away with it, Marcus Rojo was slated by many of Manchester United’s rival fans.

The Argentine centre-back dived in two-footed at Everton’s midfield man almost a fortnight ago and was awarded a yellow card for the tackle.

However, this left many people infuriated at how the defender managed to get away with the tackle, without being sent off.

They were then left even more annoyed when Rojo made an almost identical challenge against Crystal Palace tonight, only to receive no booking at all.

Marcos Rojo slated

Many football fans were quick to react to the tackle tonight and expressed their anger with the challenge on Twitter.

A lot of fans slated the defender for his tackling ability and even some Manchester United fans weren’t too pleased with the 26-year-old either.

See the best tweets on Marcos Rojo below: