Santi Cazorla

Marca post shocking picture of Arsenal midfielder Santi Cazorla on front page

Marca’s shocking picture of Santi Cazorla

For once a Real Madrid story does not dominate the front page of Madrid-based newspaper Marca on Friday.

Instead, we get to see the shocking photo of Santi Cazorla’s foot, which is simply ravaged by numerous operations.

The Arsenal midfielder last played for his club in October 2016 – since then, Cazorla details an absolute nightmare of injury problems.

Marca feature shocking picture of Santi Cazorla's injured foot on their front cover today.

Marca feature shocking picture of Santi Cazorla’s injured foot on their front cover today.

Eight operations for Santi Cazorla

Cazorla’s foot, which can be seen in the picture below, is after eight operations with skin on his achilles from his arm where he had his daughter’s name tattooed.

Marca detail in a lengthy interview with Cazorla that there was serious consideration as to whether doctors should amputate Cazorla’s foot after it was infected.

Due to the severity of the infection, doctors told Cazorla that he is lucky to still be able to walk in the garden with his son.

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Cazorla explains to Marca: “The doctor told me that if I walked in the garden with my son again, I would be satisfied”

Will Santi Cazorla play for Arsenal again?

Cazorla is working on his return in his hometown of Salamanca and is dreaming of a return to football in January.

So bad have Cazorla’s injuries been, that when his brother recently saw him playing with a ball again, he wept.

Many Arsenal fans are sceptical that Cazorla will return for Arsenal, in January or at any point.

The Marca article finishes with an upbeat message from the Spanish playmaker: “I will not give pleasure to those who do not want me to play again. I WILL RETURN”.

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