Manchester United’s Europa League game at Rostov could be difficult for travelling fans (Video)

Manchester United draw Rostov in the Europa League

Fresh from beating St Etienne in the round of 32 last night, Manchester United drew FC Rostov in the Europa League last 16 today.

Jose Mourinho insisted that it’s a bad draw due to the logistical complications of flying out to southern Russia, while also pointing to Rostov’s quality as a football team.

But there’s one other complication that United’s fans, if not their players, will have to count on: Rostov’s hooligans.

Rostov’s Hooligans

Because as we saw at Euro 2016, Russia now leads the world in football hooliganism.

And as this documentary shows, there is a strong and devout hooligan culture at Rostov, where English fans are traditionally seen as the sworn enemy.

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