Jose Mourinho

Manchester United told what they need to do to win a trophy this season


Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho has been told to make sure his side has ambition and the will to find a way to get a result no matter what.

That’s what Owen Hargreaves thinks they have to do in order to win the Premier League this season – and it seems that he believes in Jose Mourinho and the Manchester United side.

He said the Express: “He always finds a way to win a trophy and he has a great group of players.

“He’s got the best goalkeeper in the world in David De Gea. They make Antonio Valencia look like one of the best right-backs in the country. He’s great, getting so much out of Phil Jones.

“You look at Nemanja Matic, Paul Pogba, Marcus Rashford and Anthony Marital. So many pieces there.

“With what he has Mourinho will find a way to get a result.

“Remember the EFL Cup final against Southampton? They were outplayed, it was unbelievable. But somehow they won the game.

“Mourinho will be in that position again this season. The Champions League is still a step too far and City look like they’re going to be hard to stop,” he added.

“United and City still have to play home and away and that could decide the Premier League.

“They play at Old Trafford in December. City could be six points ahead by then if you look at the upcoming fixtures.

“That will be a game Mourinho will have to win, rather than just going to Liverpool and taking a point (like last weekend).

“This season there will be a point where they have to go to Spurs or City and win. And I think if you look at Mourinho’s last 10 games against the top six, I don’t think he’s won any. Maybe one in the last 10.

“What he does is get results but against those bigger teams he has to win and he’s maybe going to have to have more ambition that he currently has.”

Man City

The majority of people are backing Manchester City for the title – but as Hargreaves points out, there is also Tottenham Hotspur, who have pulled things together since a slow start to the season, and it seems that they will also once again be there or there abouts when it comes to the title win.