Manchester United make ‘Blah Blah’ Adidas Video after signing Pogba, ft Shushing Mourinho

Mourinho loving it< figure>Shushing Mourinho

Shushing Mourinho

Manchester United do the ‘Blah Blah’

During the whole saga surrounding Paul Pogba’s ‘will-he-won’t-he’ move from Juventus, Adidas had some fun by posting some videos making light of the whole situation.

Entitled ‘Blah Blah’, Adidas made fun of the media for trying to second guess Pogba’s move, and for spending most of their time simply specualating as to whether he’d move to Real Madrid or Manchester United.

Shushing Mourinho

Featuring several of United’s big name first teamers, the video show shows United training at Carrington, before bursting out onto the Old Trafford pitch for a game, all set to a fast-paced grime track.

And the finish is very dramatic and epic, with Mourinho shushing the media now that the deal is done.