Manchester United legend gives some big advice to Jose Mourinho

Pogba conundrum

One Manchester United legend has handed boss Jose Mourinho a big piece of advice over his squad and midfielder Paul Pogba.

Mourinho has been struggling recently to get his system right and has come in for a hefty amount of criticism.

It all kicked off quite drastically when the Old Trafford boss placed Paul Pogba in a defensive position against Tottenham in a midfield two.

That is certainly not his favoured position and it was one decision that cost them the game.

That has lead to lots of advice from ex-professionals over the Frenchman and the position he should be deployed in.

Now, Ryan Giggs has been talking about that issue and where Pogba should be played to get the most out of him.

“One of the best games Pogba had was the Everton game [the 2-0 win on January 1], when he was on the left of Matic – in a similar position to the one he played at Juventus – and Ander Herrera was on the right,” Giggs told Sky Sports .

“I think that position where he’s on the left of a midfield three is where he’s at his best.

“He’s a brilliant crosser of the ball and I don’t think he’s as effective when he’s having to do more defensive work in central areas.

“I would like to see him in a 4-3-3 with Matic sitting, Herrera to the right and Pogba to the left, with a selection of the front three thriving off more creativity behind them.”

Why Paul Pogba dabbed at the Man United Munich ceremony

While he’s been talked about for the wrong reasons in recent weeks, he should be talked about for the right reasons today.

The Frenchman was seen on social media dabbing at the Munich air disaster anniversary ceremony.

That lead to criticism over a lack of respect but those saying that didn’t know the full truth.

In fact, Pogba should be getting commended for what he did.

Click here to find out why. 

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