David De Gea

Manchester United handed massive blow over David De Gea

Real Madrid are back

Manchester United may have seen a brilliant opening weekend in terms of their Premier League campaign, but it’s not all brilliant for Jose Mourinho’s men.

That’s because the Sun report that David De Gea could well be on his way out of the club, as Real Madrid once again come looking for the keeper.

The links between De Gea and Real Madrid have been almost constant for the last few seasons, and while it’s clear that Zidane likes Keylor Navas, they are also determined to add to what is already the best squad in the world.

Currently, Real look like they could beat just about anyone, and showed in El Clasico that they’re heads and shoulders above Barcelona at the minute, and adding one of the best – if not the best – goalie in the world would make them even more daunting.

For their part, United are determined to keep De Gea, and will not risk unsettling their squad so soon into a new season – and will rebuff all Real Madrid attempts to land him.

Key man

Of course, Mourinho and United have faced this issue before, and earlier in the summer, the United boss made it very clear De Gea would be staying with them.

At the time, the Guardian reported he said: “He was contacted for a long time [by Real].

“The club was close, then we open because I always have this feeling of when a player has a desire to go I don’t like to stop players to go because in the end you don’t get what you expect from them if they want to move and they don’t.

“I don’t think the feeling from him [towards Real] is very good. I see him very happy and focused and working better than ever so for me 100% he stays with us.”