Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne opens up about David Silva argument

Nothing to it

Manchester City players Kevin De Bruyne and David Silva were involved in a bust-up during Manchester City’s win over Napoli – with De Bruyne wanting to talk with the officials and skipper David Silva trying to defuse the situation.

Now, the Belgian player, who has been sensational for Manchester City this season, has come out and claimed it was just a small tiff and everyone has them. He even made a quip about his wife and how they argue at times –  something most people can relate to!

De Bruyne played it down, and said: “We just had a little discussion. A minute later, that’s forgotten. I have those sort of arguments sometimes with my wife too. You too, I suppose!

“Sometimes it’s needed. Not everything is always positive. But this was something small. I wanted to ask the fourth official something but I wasn’t allowed to.

“But as I said. It’s nothing to make a big deal out of it. It happens sometimes. Some people often say or see that I’m frustrated, but that wasn’t the case. I was just a bit annoyed. And for a minute I lost myself. One minute and it’s done. You have a collision of words.

“Ederson was terrific. We kept in control because he stopped that penalty. It’s easier for me if the team plays like that. Everyone is playing at a high level.”

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New deal

He seemed to be clam in terms of a new deal at the club and said: “My agent went already one time to Txiki. Talks are coming. I’m patient anyway, I don’t stress it. I have time.”

Signing De Bruyne and David Silva down to new deals would be huge for City, and it had been reported that De Bruyne had seen the £500,000 per week PSG offered Neymar and was willing to use that as a benchmark for his own negotiations.