Manchester City preparing massive bid for Alexis Sanchez

Alexis Sanchez celebrates v Southampton

£70 million

Arsenal could well have to fend off a huge offer from Manchester City, who seen to be willing to press on for Alexis Sanchez despite being stonewalled by Arsenal for the majority of the summer – and it seems that the Star think City are not willing to give up on the chase for the player.

Despite that, Arsene Wenger has made it clear he expects Alexis to be back in the Arsenal side soon – and playing for the team despite his initial injury at the start of the season.

ESPN report Wenger said: “If all goes well through the week, he should be available to be selected for the next game, yes.”


Wenger standing firm

Arsene Wenger has of course made it very clear all summer that Alexis will not be sold, and he won’t be changing his mind on the matter.

Of course, a £70 million offer is a large one, and it may well make Arsenal or at least the board think twice.

It seems that there has also been the suggestion Sergio Aguero could well be involved in a swap deal, and that would certainly be a temping offer for Arsenal to consider – and one that Manchester City fans may not be too keen on hearing.

Ozil praise

One player who did come in for a huge amount of criticism during Arsenal’s loss to Stoke was Mesut Ozil, with Steven Gerrard being particularly harsh on the midfielder, but Arsene Wenger had some words of support for the player and claimed that he did work hard and that Ozil did not deserve any criticism at all.

In fact, Wenger claimed that he thought Ozil did fight for the team – something many people would disagree with.

He said:“I think he did fight.

“It is difficult to single anybody out. I believe we had many, many chances and personally I don’t think he deserves [criticism].”