Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City charged by FA over anti-doping protocol


Man City charged

Manchester City have been charged by The FA.

The Citizens were already in hot water with English football’s top brass this week over Bacary Sagna’s Instagram post, but now the club as an entity comes under the radar.

The FA have charged them over their failure to ensure anti-doping officials knew where the players were for drug testing.

Exactly what that means is not entirely clear, but it essentially means they didn’t fulfill the requirements for player whereabouts.

Probably much ado about nothing

The problem with his story is that many people will only read the headline, and wrongly extrapolate that City players have been doping.

That isn’t the case at all and no such allegation is being made.

In truth, this just sounds like some incredibly arbitrary and fussy officiating from the FA, which will in all likelihood be cleared up.