Man United’s Pogba speaks about how Matic has helped him

Big move

Nemanja Matic may well go down as the signing of the summer if Manchester United’s opening game is anything to go by, and while he certainly provided a brilliant shield for the back four, he also made sure Paul Pogba had more freedom to boot.

It’s that Pogba himself was talking about when speaking about the opening game – and he also had some words for newly recruited striker Romelu Lukaku as well after his brace.

The Independent report he said: “Matic was a key player on Sun  day and Romelu scored two goals, so it is what we wanted and what we expect.

“It was an excellent start to the season but what matters is the end. We have started well, but we have to carry on like this. It is only one game.

“Against West Ham, Matic was starting behind and I could worry more about attacking. I feel good playing that way, but it depends on what the manager wants. What he wants, we have to do.

“I hope to get more goals. I hope I won’t touch the post so much like I did last season. I know the occasion will come and I will always create something. It is the result for the team that matters. You cannot win a game by yourself.”

No price tag issues

Another thing that seems to have helped the midfielder this season is the lack of focus on his price tag, with Pogba himself saying he thinks that people are looking more at what he can do on the field, instead of focusing on issues and money off it.

He will be looking to improve on his performance last term – and having already seen a decent pre-season and opening game of the campaign, is off to a good start.