Man United legend Roy Keane lays into the Pogba brothers (video)

Man United legend Roy Keane lays into the Pogba brothers (video)

Roy Keane savages the Pogba brothers

In many ways, it is a shame we only get to hear from Roy Keane on ITV during weeks where there is European football.

Such is the force of Keane’s character and so interesting are his opinions on the Beautiful Game that he is worthy of a higher profile punditry slot.

On Wednesday evening, Keane tore into Arsenal following their humiliating result at Bayern Munich.

Paul (Man United) v Florentin (St Etienne)

And, on Thursday, Keane took a more surprising aim at the Pogba brothers: Paul and Florentin.

There is no doubt that Manchester United 3 – St Etienne 0 was dominated by the Pogba brothers, but you can understand why they would be so happy to face each other.

However, Keane was not happy about their behaviour.

“That’s the modern player I am afraid”

The former Manchester United and Republic of Ireland midfielder said he was bothered by the behaviour of Paul and Florentin Pogba.

Keane: “the boy Pogba seems a bit of a free spirit and a bit of a character, but I think it was a little over the top tonight, before the game, half time.

The Republic of Ireland assistant manager continued: “They’ve spoke to each other more tonight than I think I have spoken to any of my brothers in the last five years!”

Keane continued added: “All this stuff before and after the game, a lot of nonsense, that’s the modern player I am afraid”.

What a load of rubbish Roy!

In this case, we think Keane has got it wrong.

The energy and love emitted by the Pogba family is seriously infectious! Kudos to the Pogba family and their mother for bringing up kids who are such a credit to themselves.

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