Man United legend Dwight Yorke denied access to Donald Trump’s USA

Donald Trump’s ‘Muslim Ban’

Donald Trump’s first few months as US President have been as controversial as expected.

The Republican candidate started out as a joke to most people, and very few people actually thought him capable of reaching the White House.

But Trump shocked the world by pipping Democrat candidate Hilary Clinton to the post, and Trump hasn’t wasted much time in deploying his plans.

He spent his campaign talking of increasing security and clamping down on illegal immigration, famously promising to build a wall to keep out illegal Mexican immigrants.

Then within his first week in office, he instituted a ‘Muslim Ban’, denying visitors from seven majority-Muslim countries entry into the US for a set period of time.

Dwight Yorke denied access

And it’s led to all sorts of drama and commotion, with people being denied for the flakiest and flimsiest of reasons.

And that’s how you could describe what happened to Manchester United legend Dwight Yorke today: he was denied access to the US because he has an Iranian stamp in his passport… from a friendly he played in Tehran in 2015.

(Via Mirror)