Man United and Jose Mourinho’s rivals should be worried for one reason apparently

Jose Mourinho v Mark Hughes

State of mind

Jose Mourinho’s rivals should be very afraid according to Frank Lampard, who of course knows the manager from their two spells together at Chelsea.

Lampard was always one of Mourinho’s key players until he left for Manchester City, and knows all about how good Mourinho is during his second season in charge at a club.

He pointed to that, among other reasons as to why the likes of Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester City should be worried – and thinks that Mourinho is the one to watch out for this summer.

“I think you can see it in his persona on the sidelines,” Lampard said on BT Sport.

“He looks smart, he looks lean, he looks ready to go, he’s speaking with a very positive attitude. 

“I think he instills confidence in the squad that he’s got now this year. 

“He’s very pragmatic, in the summer he knew what he wanted. 

“(Romelu) Lukaku was a huge part of that, he seemed to go and nab him at the last minute, possibly from Chelsea. 

“(Nemanja) Matic, huge signing, gives them that sort of guarantee and base in midfield. 

“He’s got that confident air about him which is bad news for everyone else.”

Second season

It’s a known fact that Mourinho is a serial winner in his second season in charge of clubs, having seen huge success with Porto, Inter Milan, Real Madrid and Chelsea – twice, winning the title with all those clubs.

He knows the team well by this point, and his summer spending has usually gone through the roof – with players he wants and has already identified as those key men to make up the spine of his team – something that at least two of the summer signings for United have done to brilliant impact this season already.