Jose Mourinho

Man United boss Mourinho claims he’s ‘on fire’ for Premier League season


Jose Mourinho cuts a far happier figure at Manchester United this season than he did last term – and a much, much happier one than he did during his final season at Chelsea.

The manager has seen his side do fairly well in pre-season, and wants to carry that on to the opening game of the season against West Ham, making sure that he noted that come the Premier League and the Champions League, he is ready to go and thinks the club are able to do well this season.

Sky Sports report the Man United boss said: “I want to play West Ham a difficult match, then go to Swansea for another difficult match. I want the Champions League to start. I want, I want, I’m on fire. But I will behave on the touchline, even if goals are offside.

“In many ways, it is my team. In terms of the squad, this is my second transfer window. I was thinking, three transfer windows, I need that. But after two windows I have a good group and a football club much better equipped.

“We are much better organised in the areas that support the first-team squad. We are much better organised at every level. So we will go for it this season. We are going to try to win the title.”

Massive season

The upcoming season is a huge one for the Premier League as a whole, and after Champions Chelsea got off to a terrible start, all eyes will be on the rest of the league to see if they can match the pace, with Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City already managing to get three points on the board, United will know a good start is vital.

They have a far stronger squad than last season, with Mourinho bringing in Romelu Lukaku and Nemanja Matic – something that has allowed him to even leave Ander Herrera on the bench – and it seems that while they may not be the favourites for the title, Mourinho is certainly raring to go.