Man City & Liverpool set to play at revamped Club World Cup as Man United’s history drops in value

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Revamped 2021 FIFA Club World Cup

Back in March 2019, FIFA voted to update the Club World Cup.

When the competition comes around in 2021, the format will be drastically different.

24 teams will compete in the 2021 Club World Cup, rather than the seven clubs who currently fill out the competition.

Which teams will play at the 2021 Club World Cup?

On Thursday, the Times note that, of the 24 clubs set to take part, eight clubs will be from Europe.

Moreover, each country will be restricted to a maximum of two teams from their leagues.

But what are the Club World Cup qualification rules?

Those rules remain up-in-the-air, and the Times report that the thinking behind the qualification guidelines may be changing:

FIFA had originally planned to invite those clubs that had won the Champions League or European Cup the most times, which would have meant (Manchester) United and Liverpool attending the inaugural tournament.

The world governing body has now agreed that UEFA should be responsible for selecting the European teams.

No selection system has been decided, but FIFA has stressed that it wants teams chosen on merit rather than history.

Man City & Liverpool in, Man United out

If the qualification is decided on merit rather than history, the Times report that Manchester City and Liverpool look set to represent the Premier League in the revamped Club World Cup.

That would be another blow for Man United, and a symbol of the club’s decline on the world stage.

Sizing up the eight European clubs most likely to be involved in the 2021 Club World Cup, the Times report:

Based on UEFA’s rankings, the eight clubs most likely to be selected are: Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain, Liverpool and Porto.

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