Luis Suarez opens up on Barcelona injury which worried him ‘a lot’


Barcelona star Luis Suarez injured his knee back in August against Real Madrid and having been rushed back, he found himself out of form.

The Uruguayan is typically one of the deadliest strikers in world football and doesn’t miss many opportunities.

Though, in that period at the end of last year, he started to worry that his injury could derail his time at Barcelona.

Not only that, he started to worry that he wouldn’t fully recover from it.

The player explained that he simply didn’t feel the same after the injury and that he feared it might affect him psychologically.

Thankfully for him, that didn’t happen and he’s back to scoring goals aplenty now.

The player has now scored 10 goals in his last 10 appearances for Barcelona, getting back to where he originally had been.

Safe to say, he’s targeting even more goals for the rest of the season as the side look to complete their La Liga season with the trophy.

“It worried me a lot,” Suarez told La Vangardia. 

“Much more than the goals, because I’ve been on streaks where I haven’t scored before.

“I feared the injury might affect me psychologically, too.

“My attitude wasn’t the same, nor my intensity. I was in pain, even though I didn’t say I was in pain.

“Taking that break was important for me. Since November, I’ve been spectacular.

“I was able to rest, recover and sort myself out psychologically.”

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