suarez bites chiellini

Luis Suarez & Giorgio Chiellini finally make peace

Luis Suarez & Giorgio Chiellini

It will forever be remembered in World Cup history.

Back in 2014, Luis Suarez committed one of the worst fouls in World Cup history when the Uruguayan striker sunk his teeth into Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini.

Suarez was heavily punished for biting. The Barcelona star was handed a nine-match international suspension, as well as a four-month ban from football-related activity, for the incident.

On Tuesday night in Turin, Suarez faced Chiellini for the first time since that World Cup clash in Brazil, and the players appeared to make peace with each other during the game and immediately afterwards.

So what happened?

With Juventus leading 2-0 at the time, Chiellini and Suarez shared a sweet moment on the pitch as the Italian defender shook the South American’s hand, while Suarez flashed a wink at the Juve star in a friendly gesture.

Moreover, after the full time whistle blew, Chiellini and Suarez walked off the pitch arm in arm.