Liverpool’s Sadio Mane had an emotional breakdown despite Senegal’s win vs Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea 0 – Senegal 1

Senegal claimed a 1-0 away win over Equatorial Guinea in the African Cup of Nations qualifiers over the weekend.

Senegal won the match thanks to a Luis Meseguer ownl goal in the 52nd minute.

The victory put Senegal top of their group with four wins and a draw from five games. Senegal have 13 points.

Madagascar can move level on points with Senegal on Sunday if they can beat Sudan.

Liverpool’s Sadio Mane had an emotional breakdown

Despite being in the winning team, Liverpool’s Sadio Mane had an emotional breakdown after the match against Equatorial Guinea.

In rather distressing scenes, Mane seemed to lose control of his body after the final whistle.

In floods of tears, the Liverpool striker needed the help of his team mates to even stand on his feet.

Liverpool’s Sadio Mane had an emotional breakdown after Equatorial Guinea

Mane covered his face with his Senegalese jersey in an attempt to hide his emotions.

Watch the footage below.

What happened to Liverpool’s Mane?

According to the social media account of Mou Commissaire Balmaceda, who is named as Sadio Mane’s brother in the local press, the Liverpool striker broke down because he loves his country so much.

Writing on Instagram, Mou Commissaire Balmaceda explained the following:

For all questions: I want to tell you that there was nothing negative about Sadio crying after the match against Equatorial Guinea this afternoon. It’s just that he cracked a bit of a moment when it’s too much as a human being.

He is a true patriot who gives himself thoroughly for his country. Some of our compatriots doubt his patriotism, and there are critics every day making a comparison between the Sadio Mane of Liverpool and that of the national team.

But this cry is just nothing but a proof of love for his country.


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Pour tous questions : je tiens à vous dire que sadio n’a rien de négatif concernant les pleures après le match contre la Guinee Équatoriale cette après midi. C’est juste qu’il a craquer un bout d’un moment quand c’est trop en tant qu’un être humain, Un vrai patriote qui se donne à fond pour son pays, et que certains de nos compatriotes doute de son patriotisme, et le critique tous les jours en fessant des comparaison entre le sadio Mané de Liverpool et celui de l’équipe national. Mais ce pleure n’est juste rien qu’une preuve d’amour pour son pays 👍🏻 ne t’inquiète pas Diatto nous qui te connaisse ne douterons jamais de ton patriotisme ☝️☝️

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Sadio Mane & Senegal

For the record, Mane has yet to score for Senegal in their AFCON qualifiers.

In the final moments of the match against Equatorial Guinea , the Liverpool striker had a great opportunity to find the target.

However Mane was only able to fire a shot straight at the home keeper.

According to reports, Senegalese fans booed Mane in the match on Saturday.

Sadio Mane chance vs Equatorial Guinea (1)

Sadio Mane chance vs Equatorial Guinea (2)

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