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Liverpool tried covering up illegal tapping up of Stoke kid by advising parents to lie

Liverpool in big trouble

Liverpool FC’s reputation is being dragged through the mud on Wednesday after the Telegraph has published an ‘exclusive’ accusing the Reds of advising parents of a kid to lie to Premier League officials.

The Telegraph lay out the basis of the accusation as follows:

Liverpool tried to cover up their tapping-up of an 11-year-old boy by instructing his father to lie to Premier League investigators, according to shocking allegations about their conduct that can now be revealed.

Liverpool transfer embargo

Last week the Premier League announced that Liverpool are under a 12 month transfer embargo against signing any schoolboys.

That punishment came after Ian Barrigan, Liverpool’s head of pre-academy recruitment and player retention, was found guilty of breaking rules regarding tapping up kids to join the Reds.

So what happened?

With regards to the latest accusations in the Telegraph, it’s claimed Liverpool ran foul of tapping up rules trying to sign a boy from Stoke City.

The whole episode has also hit the boy’s family hard in the pocket. The paper detail:

The saga also left the youngster’s parents in thousands of pounds of debt and the boy – now 13 – unable to join another academy until former club Stoke are paid £49,000.

Liverpool stand accused of tempting the boy to Anfield with promises of foreign trips, a salary for training, travel expenses, and payment of school fees.