Liverpool & QPR old boy Djibril Cisse

Liverpool & QPR old boy Djibril Cisse scores in the Swiss league (Video)

Liverpool & QPR old boy Djibril Cisse

Now 36-years-old, former Liverpool, QPR and French international striker Djibril Cisse is back scoring goals.

Back in 2015, Cisse announced his retirement from the Beautiful Game.

Speaking on French TV programme J+1 at the time of his decision, Cisse said:

You have to know how to listen to your body from time to time. Today I can no longer play football at a high level, or even play football full stop.

Djiril Cisse scored over 250 goals in his 16-year career, including nine goals in 41 matches for the French national side.

The striker was forced to overcome many obstacles and challenges, after horrendously suffering not one but two major leg breaks, shortly after signing for Liverpool in 2004 and ahead of a move to Marseille in June 2006.

Djibril Cisse scores in the Switzerland

But, slightly under the radar, Cisse has returned to the pitch in recent months.

Back in July, third division Swiss club Yverdon announced they’d landed Cisse.

And so far Cisse’s return is going great. He’s scored five goals in six matches, and Yverdon are second in their league.

On Saturday, Yverdon beat Basel II 2-1.

Djibril Cisse scored the winner with a 93rd minute penalty.

He celebrated like a boss!