Liverpool & Man United combined XI: How Gary Neville justified Paul Pogba’s inclusion

Liverpool & Manchester United

Already attentions are being focused on the big M62 battle next weekend in the Premier League.

Liverpool moved one point above Man City last weekend thanks to Chelsea’s win over the Sky Blues.

This weekend Liverpool will take on Manchester United at Anfield in league.

Last Saturday Man United beat Fulham 4-1 at Old Trafford.

Liverpool & Man United combined XI

On Monday Night Football on Sky Sports, pundits Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville revealed their combined Liverpool and Man United XIs.

Of course, Carragher used to play for Liverpool while Neville spent his career at Man United.

Carragher only had room for two Man United players in his selection.

David De Gea was picked ahead of Alisson in goal, while Nemanja Matic was given the nod in centre-mid.

Jamie Carragher’s Liverpool & Man United combined XI

Neville was slightly more generous including four Man United players in the team.

Neville also selected De Gea between the sticks, while Eric Bailly was shoehorned in a centre-half.

Paul Pogba was picked in midfield while Anthony Martial was selected ahead of Sadio Mane.

Gary Neville’s Liverpool & Man United combined XI

How Gary Neville defended Paul Pogba

When it came to defending having Pogba in his midfield, Gary Neville struggled to put forward a convincing argument:

I didn’t pick him with much conviction to be honest with you. I was clutching at straws.

Matic. Jordan Henderson and James Milner they’re in and out of that midfield in terms of playing. 

I wasn’t convinced by anything just through what’s been happening. I just thought it’s an opportunity for me to put a United player in to be honest!

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Only three Chelsea players would get into Man City’s XI – Tony Cascarino.