Liverpool & Man City have been the best unlucky teams in the Premier League

Good-lucky matrix

Twitter account @11tegen11 has produced a number of interesting matrices using statistics from the Premier League.

In the first, expected goals are measured against PDO to compare teams’ performances with how unlucky or lucky they have been.

Expected goals is a method for estimating the quality of chances that a football team creates or concedes in a match.

Essentially, a method has been developed where its possible to say how many goals a player or team should have scored, judging by the type of chances they created.

Normal PDO measures how efficiently a team has converted shots into goals, and prevented the opponent from doing so.


Best attacks and best defenses

Liverpool and Man City are 2nd and 3rd in the Premier League respectively, with the Reds trailing league leaders Chelsea by six points.

That gap, it appears, could’ve been reduced had Klopp’s side been had more ‘luck’ on their side.

Chelsea, meanwhile, are on an 11-match winning run and have conceded just two goals in that time.