Neymar comes off v Real Madrid, shakes hands with Leo Messi

Lionel Messi ‘seriously considering’ exit from Barcelona

Wants out

Lionel Messi could be ready to rock football according to the Daily Record, with it being a real possibility Messi could leave Barcelona and follow Neymar out of the door.

Messi is possibly the greatest player of all time – and it seems one final challenge in the Premier League could await him, with his representatives speaking with Manchester City – who of course have the money to pay for him and the manager to lure him to the club should Messi decide leaving Barcelona really is an option for him.

Man City bid?

Manchester City have been linked with a bid for the player, and it seems that linking up with Pep Guardiola is a more attractive offer than it once seemed with Neymar leaving the club and Real Madrid looking rather far in the distance in terms of their play, trophies in the last year and their transfer policy.

Neymar gone

Of course, the precedent has already been set with Neymar leaving – and not only did it make the point in terms of players being able to go anywhere they want if they have the right club available, it also showed that for certain clubs, they can buy literally anyone.

PSG and Man City are perhaps the only two clubs that can do that, and having seen PSG get away with the £198 million move for Neymar, City will see no issue in a £300 million move for Messi – especially if it brings them success in the Premier League and also in the Champions League – not to mention boosting their profile as a club and getting fans to the Etihad.