Messi & Neymar

Lionel Messi reveals why he is missing Neymar at Barcelona


Barcelona star Lionel Messi has admitted in one of his recent videos that he is missing his former teammate Neymar at the Camp Nou.

The Brazilian transferred from the Catalan club to Paris Saint Germain in the summer in what was the biggest deal in footballing history.

Neymar has made a brilliant start to life on the pitch in Paris but it hasn’t been the greatest off the pitch and is struggling without his best friends.

It wasn’t the greatest goodbye to the club who made him the player he is today and while it burnt some bridges, the one with Messi stands strong.

The Argentine and Brazilian shared a bromance during the time at the club and it’s safe to say Lionel Messi is missing that.

Speaking after doing a ‘secret Santa’ with both Suarez and Neymar, Messi revealed how he still misses the player greatly.

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He also admitted that the whole Barcelona squad misses him.

“Well, Ney… I think we said practically everything to each other when you left,” Messi explained.

“The truth is that here we are still missing you.”

“We would like to keep sharing the mates [a South American hot drink] in the morning with Luis [Suarez] in the dressing room and many more things.”

“Like always, I wish you the best wherever you are and I’m sure we will cross again on or off the pitch very soon. Take care of yourself.”

Bayern Munich President makes surprise Neymar claim

In a truly baffling claim, Bayern Munich’s president has slammed Neymar.

Not only did he criticise the transfer from Barcelona to Paris Saint Germain, he criticised the players’ ability.

Safe to say, Neymar will not be going to Bayern Munich anytime in his career by the sound of these comments.

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