Lineswoman Maria Eugenia Rocco was attacked by a player in Argentina

Maria Eugenia Rocco
Maria Eugenia Rocco

Maria Eugenia Rocco was assaulted

A shocking claim has been reported by Argentine paper La Nacion this week, and female official Maria Eugenia Rocco claimed she was attacked during a match between Quilmes and Argentino de Merlo this week.

Quilmes won the contest 2-1.

According to the claims of Maria Eugenia Rocco, after the math ended, a player on the losing team struck her.

The player at the centre of the controversy is Deportivo Merlo’s Emmanuel Frances. He stands accused of whacking the official in her neck.

Rocco during Quilmes v Deportivo Merlo
Rocco during Quilmes v Deportivo Merlo

Rocco: ‘I couldn’t believe it’

Speaking to La Nacion, Maria Eugenia Rocco made the following claims:

When the finished the game, before going to the locker room, there was a riot.

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Several players Merlo went to protest against (match referee) Jorge Broggi. I went to separate (the players from the ref).

They were claiming the first goal was a handball. I told the coach to calm down, we could talk later, but quietly.

At that time came police to protect us, I was behind Broggi and felt a sharp blow to my neck. I turned and saw the number 7.

At first I thought the attack was directed to the referee or anyone else, but that wasn’t possible as I was alone.

He ran away and got hid among his team mate. I could not believe it. I could not believe I had been hit. 

Maria Eugenia Rocco has since lodged a report with the police about the whole incident.