AC Milan's signing of Leonardo Bonucci has taken the football world by surprise. The Italian heavyweights had spent big already this summer

Leonardo Bonucci reveals ‘last straw’ that led to his Juventus exit

Bonucci opens up

Leonardo Bonucci’s transfer from Juventus to AC Milan was one of the most surprising in recent football history. A defender of world class ability leaving the champions for a direct rival. It’s almost unheard of.

The reasons behind the move were the subject of speculation which Bonucci confirmed in an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport. The rumours about him falling out with Juventus coach Max Allegri were true.

The final straw

One major incident sticks out. Back in February, Bonucci sat in the stands for a Champions League match against Porto after a heated argument with Allegri on the touchline during their 4-1 win over Palermo.

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Bonucci regards it as the straw that sent the camel packing his things for Milan.

The Italy international said: “People thought that was the most striking thing, but in truth it was just the final straw: there had been other situations before that. To give 100 per cent, I need to feel important, something that at Juventus was recently happening only in fits and starts.”

He warned Juventus fans about jeering him: “They ought to know that, just like the insults I received when wearing the Bianconeri shirt fired me up, it’ll be the same if they jeer me.”