Leo Messi reveals his son Thiago doesn’t like football, goes to Barca games for one reason (Video)

Thiago Messi

Leo Messi talks about Thiago

Not only did Leo Messi reveal his strange bathroom habits on Uruguayan TV on Monday night.

The Barcelona star also spoke about his eldest son Thiago, and whether he believes the youngster will one day follow in his dad’s footballing footsteps.

In something of a surprise revelation, Messi revealed that Thiago doesn’t like football.

So why does he go to Barca games?

Leo went on to reveal that Thiago only enjoys going to the Camp Nou to see his friends:

He does not like (football) much, really. He goes because Benja (son of Luis Suarez) and some schoolmates go, but he is not a fan.

He’s not like his (Suarez’s son) who is all day with the ball.

Watch the full episode below.

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