Kyle Walker & Danny Rose

Why Man City’s Kyle Walker & Tottenham’s Danny Rose cut holes in their socks

Kyle Walker & Danny Rose’s socks

Manchester City defender Kyle Walker focused plenty of attention on Sunday in the Community Shield at Wembley.

Walker made his first appearance of the season for the Sky Blues since competing at the World Cup.

During the World Cup, Tottenham defender Danny Rose was spotted wearing socks with loads of holes in them.

Following the lead of his former Spurs team mate, Walker also had a lot of holes in his socks on Sunday against Chelsea.

Why players cut holes in their socks

So why do Walker and Rose cut up their kit?

The issue has been investigated by the Mirror, who claim the reason is health related:

Because modern football socks are so tight, and some people’s calf muscles are too big, footballers are being forced to take action.

In order to release the tension around the lower legs, to prevent pain in the latter stages of a game, players have been cutting holes in their socks.

You’d have thought that if that’s true, kit manufacturers would be working hard to fix the problem.

West Ham’s Artur Masuaku was first

The West Ham star was the first player to update his socks last season.

Yet surprisingly Xherdan Shaqiri doesn’t feel the need to rip up his Liverpool socks…

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