Man United appeal to a larger market with new XXXXL tops. Spurs cater for even bigger fans

There is good news for extra-extra-extra-extra large Man United fans on Wednesday.

The Daily Mail have reported that Man United will begin selling XXXXL replica shirts this season for the first time.

To be clear, until now, the largest top Man United sold was ‘only’ an XXXL size.

According to the Mail’s report, Man United had received complaints from supporters that the club didn’t sell clothes in their size, and Adidas have now plugged that hole by offering the enormous new shirts.

The new XXXXL shirts will be on sale at the Old Trafford megastore in either August or September as a pilot scheme, and if the take-up is good, then United may end up selling all their merchandise in the new larger size too.

The Daily Mail also pointed out that Tottenham Hotspur are the leaders in catering to the larger football fan.

Spurs offer the largest replica shirt in the Premier League, with XXXXXL on sale online and at the club shop.