Leaked: Arsenal’s 3 training tops for 2016/2017 (Pictures)

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As we head ever closer to 2016, the leaks for next year’s kits are coming thick and fast.

In recent weeks, we have seen tons of Euro 2016 kits leaked and then released officially by Adidas, whilst in the past few days, next season’s training tops are starting to do the rounds.

Credit to voetbalshirtjes.com for this Arsenal leak, of all three training tops for 2016/2017.

The three shirts featured on this page, will all be worn by Arsenal ahead of matches next season.

Naturally, all three pre-match shirts are made by Puma and will likely correspond to the colour scheme of the kits next season.

These leaks suggest that the third shirt for Arsenal next season could be similar to the one worn by Boca Juniors, with blue and yellow.

There are also suggestions that the blue and yellow pre-match shirt will be worn before Champions League games as well, provided Arsenal qualify yet again for the premier competition in Europe.

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