Hector Bellerin in the new Arsenal away kit

Arsenal release new Puma away kits for 2017/2018, no sign of Alexis Sanchez

Arsenal release new Puma away kits

Puma has today unveiled Arsenal’s away kit for the upcoming 2017/18 Premier League season.

This years away kit will be blue in colour, cementing its status in Arsenals folklore with blue being incorporated into Arsenal kits since 1892. The kit includes similarities to the 90’s with a two-tone feature.

The new away kit will be worn for the first time against Benfica in Arsenals Emirates Cup game on 29th July, this coming Saturday, and is available to buy from 27th July.

Arsenal’s long association with blue

Arsenal first incorporated blue into their kit in 1892 and since then it has been featured in numerous away kits over the decades, cementing itself into Arsenal folklore.

Whilst keeping a focus on tradition and giving a subtle nod to the 90’s with the blue two-tone treatment, PUMA has incorporated a modern and stylish graphic fade made up of repeat silhouettes of the club’s crest.

This design also features across the sleeves of all Arsenal’s 2017/18 shirts.

Where is Alexis Sanchez?

From all the imagery put out by both Arsenal and Puma today, there is no sign of Alexis Sanchez.

Some Gooners would argue that Sanchez is still on holiday with his return to Arsenal pre-season training only coming next Monday.

Yet, the absence of Sanchez also suggests that there is uncertainty at Arsenal and within Puma over whether the Chilean will remain at The Emirates this summer.

See plenty of pictures of the new Arsenal away strip below.

PUMA has today unveiled Arsenal’s latest away kit. The new blue kit will be worn throughout the 17/18 season, making its debut for the Gunners against Benfica this weekend in the Emirates Cup. Get yours NOW at uk.puma.com

Pictures of the new Arsenal away kit

Hector Bellerin in the new Arsenal away kit

The Arsenal away kit for 2017/2018

Arsenal away kit 2017/2018

All Arsenal kits for 2017/2018

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