Jurgen Klopp told he’s taken a huge risk because of one decision

Dropping Firmino

Jurgen Klopp has been told he may well have taken a huge risk dropping Roberto Firmino for the club’s game against Newcastle United.

That’s according to pundit and former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher, who’s opinions and comments since joining Sky Sports have made him one of the most respected pundits in the game.

Carragher was speaking on Sky Sports, and said: “They haven’t got one (a finishing touch) in the squad right now, well the team that plays week in, week out.

“Klopp has been picking his best team, Daniel Sturridge is not in it. 

“I think he’s in today because Firmino isn’t in great form. 

“I think Firmino gets back in if he gets to the form that we’ve seen, and I take Graeme’s (Souness) point, he’s not an out-and-out goalscorer. 

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“But that is a big call for Jurgen Klopp to leave Firmino out. He’s not just resting him, he’s out because he’s not been in great form. 

“He sees Firmino as maybe his most important player, certainly right up there with (Philippe) Coutinho and (Sadio) Mane. 

“He’s the one that starts that press from the front and he’ll accept he doesn’t get the goals because he brings so much to the team. 

“So for him to put Sturridge in today is a big call to leave one of his main men out. He is a completely different player.”

Defensive issues

While Liverpool have enough to worry about in terms of their side failing to take their chances at the minute, another huge issue is their defence.

Dejan Lovren has claimed he cannot train and has to take five pills before a game, and even when he does play, mistakes tend to happen.

The rest of the back line don’t fare much better, and it’s the individual errors that have angered Klopp and the fans more than anything else.