Jurgen Klopp offers backing to struggling player and hits out at critics

Too quick to criticise

Jurgen Klopp has come out to back Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain after his move from Arsenal, and claimed that people are too quick to criticise him and the squad as a whole.

Klopp seems to be a huge fan of the midfielder, and thinks that once he has adapted to the style of play at Anfield there won’t be an issue.

The Guardian report Klopp said: “The criticism came quite quick.

“He had a few good situations and a few unlucky situations, but this was his first start.

“He didn’t have the best game of his life so in the world of football at the moment you get criticised for that, but I am not in doubt. He did really well in some moments but he is still trying to adapt to our style of play.

“The way people are talking it sounds like we are the worst team in the country, at the bottom of the table with nil points, but in fact we have eight, and we are still fluent and creative in attack even if we are not scoring as many goals.

“Obviously we have some problems, but as long as we are staying in games and showing what we are good at the situation is not quite as serious as is being suggested.

“If you lose somewhere it becomes more likely that you will win at some point. It’s all about performing. You shouldn’t think too much about it, things can always change. Dortmund won at Hamburg this week. When I was there we never won one time. They had a bad record but obviously it changed. That’s how it is.”


Of course, the one thing everyone seems to be talking about in terms of Liverpool is their defence, which is shipping goals in each game. Not only is that causing the side to drop points, but the fact that the forward line hasn’t been as prolific as people would like or expect in the last couple of games is certainly a concern.

However, Klopp himself doesn’t seem too worried, and his mood following their last defeat seemed more frustrated than anything else.