Jose Mourinho takes issue with Dejan Lovren’s Lukaku accusations

Taking on Lovren

Jose Mourinho has taken issue with Dejan Lovren’s comments following Liverpool’s 0-0 draw with Man United on Saturday.

The Croatian centre-half accused Romelu Lukaku of deliberately kicking him in the face. The pair became entangled in a battle for the ball. Lukaku’s heel caught Lovren face but no action was taken then or retrospectively.

Lovren was quoted by the BBC saying: “My honest view is that he did it on purpose.

“He was over me, he could have moved away. Even if he did it normally he would apologise after that, but I saw he was nervous during the game so maybe that was also the reason.”

Lovren said that he accepted the FA’s decision: “This is not my decision. I cannot say I am disappointed but it is what it is. We need to move on. That is football, part of the game.”

Mourinho spots contradiction

Speaking at his press conference ahead of United’s game against Benfica in the Champions League, Mourinho said that Lovren contradicted himself: “There is a contradiction there.

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“He says let’s move on but then spends 10 minutes talking about it.”

Mourinho’s tactics have been criticised in the wake of that goalless draw. United registered just one shot on target, the same amount they managed in the fixture the previous season. That ended goalless as well.

Jamie Carragher believes that playing for a point away to the big six could cost United the Premier League title.

Statistics show that Mourinho has done very poorly in recent away games against the top six with the only points being picked up in goalless draws. Schmeichel, a legend for United, stated that the club should always attack.