Jose Mourinho reveals Anthony Martial agreement over playing time

Playing time

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has revealed the conversations he’s had with Anthony Martial over the time he spends on the field.

The forward has made it clear he wants to play more, but the United boss has asked him to get to the level he expects before that can happen – and now Martial seems to agree.

Mourinho said: “He played very well against Middlesbrough but because he was not playing for a long time, he and myself felt that 48 hours later against West Ham it was better for him not to start.

“Today, fresh, and again, very objective.

“Playing against [Chris] Gunter, who is a very good right-back, and he performed very well again.”

Work harder

Mourinho has made it clear he expects more from the player, and that Martial needs to work harder if he wants to get a regular place in the side, and it seems the forward is listening to his manager.

Since arriving at Old Trafford, Mourinho has evidently shaken the players up and tried to move them on from the days of Louis van Gaal and David Moyes, and while it’s been a revelation for some, others have struggled.

With the likes of Morgan Schneiderlin leaving, it’s certainly important for Martial to make sure he’s not one of the players who does leave.