Jose Mourinho hates the obsession of his Man United players with social media [Mail]

Man United's Jose Mourinho
Man United’s Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho v Social Media

Martin Samuel has penned an eye-catching article in the Daily Mail on Wednesday alleging a new breakdown between Jose Mourinho and his Man United squad.

It’s a rough week at Old Trafford following the 0-0 draw with Burnley last weekend in the Premier League.

According to Samuel, the problems at United aren’t reserved for the pitch, as the Special One has lost patience with how his players engage with social media:

Eric Bailly was told off

Samuel’s main proof of Mourinho’s problems with social media came from the Burnley game.

When the Special One was in the director’s box after being sent off at halftime, Mourinho caught Eric Bailly working on his social media game as the match was going on. Samuel wrote:

The look on Jose Mourinho’s face says it all. He is turning around, scowling in irritation, his hand raised in a universally understood gesture. Stop. 

The image of Mourinho having to tell Eric Bailly not to take pictures as he sat in the directors’ box, having been sent to the stands against Burnley, sums up the vacuous nature of the modern dressing room.

Mourinho v Bailly
Mourinho v Bailly

Paul Pogba savaged

When it came to Man United’s most prevalent social media personality – Paul Pogba – Samuel let rip on the French star:

If [Mourinho] follows social media he will have seen Pogba dancing, Pogba at play, Pogba on holiday, Pogba with the stars, Pogba touring the planet’s coolest destinations and biggest A-list events, Pogba modelling, Pogba the meme.

What he won’t have greatly noticed is Pogba the world-record transfer, Pogba the match-winner, Pogba the game-changer.